A quick review

Last Thursday saw the best party (in my opinion) of the year here in Muscat. The Canadian Stampede party!!

This year it was attended by just over 800 people, and was certainly better this year than it has been in recent years. They even didnt do the green peppers in baked beans (which I was always confused about).

Here's a few pictures of the venue and some of the crowd participation events. The line dancing was great this year - I think I only broke a few toes of un-suspecting people around me this time.

The morning after, when going through the camera, I came across this picture:

No clue who he is, but points must be given for the hat. And, um, energetic participation in presumably the shooter bar (golden garter saloon). haha!

I'm already looking forward to next year!

Have a great weekend everyone. Remember - if you drink - don't drive.

le fin.
A quick review A quick review Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Rating: 5


Oman's Collective Intelligence said...

Yes, i was there as it is the best party in town, no doubts! The only thing i didn't like was the chillie con carne...not spicy enough....:) But loved the people, the music and the great atmosphere.
I know the guy in the photo...great hat...and i can confirm he (we) spent sometime at the shooter bar.

Undercover Dragon said...

Yes. A great night. Go Canada.

I too was there! The air guitar competition was wonderful. And the shooters bar...

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