Local news round up

Firstly, Muscato seems to be missing. This guy was a prolific blogger, regularly blogging 2 or 3 times a day. One hopes he's taking a holiday and will be back soon, and not anything worse.

Secondly, tonight the Muscat Rugby Club 1st XV will be playing the Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise at the ABA ground at 18:30. This is one of the last games of the season and should be an entertaining game. On Thursday night there is a Music quiz being held at the club - it should be pretty good, so if you're looking for something to do and fancy a cheaper night out than any of the hotel bars, check out the Rugby Club. The quiz starts at 8pm.

Thirdly, there are still some tickets left for the upcoming (April 7th) comedy night with Maz Jobrani - but only some. Just like the previous times, make sure you get there early to get a decent seat.

Fourthly, the Autumn Trade Fair at the Oman International Exhibition Centre is currently on-going, finishing on April 2nd. According to the OITE website, the ATF is Oman's largest family shopping event of the year. Try going to Lulu's on a Friday afternoon! Anyway, there's more information here if you're interested in going to it.

And finally. New local blogger English Girl in Oman posted an excellent post on expat life here last night. You should all go and read it, and post comments of your experiences here (in Oman) too. I couldn't agree more with her comments and wish I had the ability to sum things up the way she has just done so in her latest post. I'm glad I've finally figured out how to make the coffee pushers stop... I never realised that just shaking the cup makes them stop! Thanks EGIO!

le fin.
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  1. Thanks for posting this Sythe, glad to have been of use :) Honestly, that coffee incident has become infamous with my friends and family.


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