Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congratulations to British driver Jenson Button winning Down Under. The Australians lived up to their heritage by deciding to "go down fighting" and subsequently taking out the other British driver in the points, Lewis Hamilton in a driving manoeuvre that you might be forgiven for thinking you saw on the Qurum Heights road during rush hour.

In the second F1 race of the new season 2 weeks after the season opener in Bahrain, it's been a considerably more entertaining race to watch than F1 has been for the last half decade or so. Well, in my opinion anyway.

Locally, you can watch the races live on the Abu Dhabi sport channel but the commentary is in Arabic, so then you can either tune into the BBC's radio 5 live, or your sport radio channel of choice. Naturally, the South African DSTV Multichoice Super Sports network also broadcast the race live, but most people do not have the ability to receive that station here. In case you do, and you were working, they are re-showing the race at 20:30 tonight local time on SS5. Interestingly, the newly merged OSN (Orbit Showtime Network) does not have any coverage of the F1 this season. It didn't have any coverage of the Six Nations rugby tournament either (having lost that to Jazeera Sports +3).

Last year, the F1 Club used to screen the races at 18:30 in the room opposite the Dukes bar in the Crowne Plaza here, but when I rang the bar to ask about it, they didn't know anything about it. That doesn't mean that they're not showing the races, it just means that that particular person didn't know anything about it. If some nice person reading this knows any more about it, please do post a comment.

Now, if only those Pom's could teach those criminal Aussies how to loose at rugby....

le fin.


Expat mummy said...

Yes they are showing the F1 in the room opposite Dukes, my husbands collegue has been going. For some strange reason he likes watching cars go round in circles very quickly!?!?!

Anonymous said...


so 'who' will be showing the World Cup in June/July. My bet is that OSN/showtime will not be showing a single second of it

Sythe said...

Expat mummy - thanks for updating us all ;)

Anon - No idea, but OSN seems to be spending a lot on soccer coverage, so perhaps they will have it. And if they don't then I'm sure Jazeera Sports will have it.

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