Darren Shortt, again

So it's Monday today, hump day.

I bumped into someone I know last night and was told an entertaining tale of events that just needs to be shared with you all.

Whilst driving around yesterday morning he was listening to the morning show and decided he just couldn't take it any more and texted in to Hi FM to say that Darren was a twat!

Not 30 minutes later, his phone rings, it was Darren, and this is the (abridged) conversation that took place:

Anon: Hello?
DS: Hello, this is Darren Shortt, I had a notification from management that you had submitted a complaint about me. Whats your name?
Anon: I don't need to tell you my name.
DS: Where do you work?
Anon: I don't need to tell you where I work.
DS: Well I don't come to your work and call you a twat!
Anon: I didn't come to your work either, I sent you an SMS you twat!
DS: I'm reporting your number for abuse!
Anon: Whatever!

Poor old Dazza, taking the time out of his day to deal with his haters. It's a mug's game - and just makes for funny content for conversations at the bar. You'll always have haters, just try to adapt and accept you'll never keep everyone happy, all the time. And besides, he sent an SMS to the HiFM number, which means he paid to complain about you.... ;)

I wonder when this much-rumoured rock show is going to start on Hi FM? Did they hire a new American/Canadian accented presenter yet? Or was it just a ruse to get Rachael Howarth to up her game? (hah!) Who knows? I'm sure time will tell.

I don't really listen to the radio very regularly, but I have noticed that at 6pm the "Big Drive Home" show plays some very questionable sleep-inducing music.... people are tired after a long day... play something with some tempo, not something that's going to help people drift off to sleep whilst driving home!

Hopefully the rock show starts soon, and Darren learns how to ignore the haters. :)

le fin.
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  1. That is pure class - I love that DS was more concerned about finding out who the hater was than finding out exactly why Anon thought he was a twat.

    I've had the dubious pleasure of meeting him in person - he *is* a twat.

  2. On the other hand, next to the egregious "Rachie Roo", he's a God of All Radio. Maybe that's why she's still around?

  3. OH wow - this gave me a good giggle...
    I'm with Anon.. why be more worried about reporting the guy - I would be more worried about why they thought I was a twat...

    If you are a public figure - you've got to be able to handle any press - good or bad...

    DS should take all negative press to up his game not get even with the people who talk bad about him...

    GRRRR - I hate public figures who think they are God's gift to earth... :) with out the public listening to him he's nothing....

  4. The minute he stops his shitty breakfast-show game he just might improve himself. Nonetheless, funny story :)

  5. When he goes to report the abuse, I wonder whether he will have to explain what a twat is?

  6. Did you ever listen to FM radio in Oman before Hi FM? They're not perfect but it's a huge improvement. Can you name a DJ in Oman better than Darren? It's still a funny story though!

  7. hahaha...yes, he is such a pest. I have proof on MY blog where he 'confronted' me as well for thinking the music stinks. Sigh...that was a nice chuckle...do you think I can get away with not doing my stomache crunches now?

  8. I wish they would change the morning pre-7am CD though. Sooooo boring the same old playlist every single morning. (except it isnt as I change channels)

  9. Haha - yes, explain twat to the authorities!

    Changing the pre-7am CD must be easy to do - I wonder why they don't - or is it just sheer laziness?

    Of course I heard 90.4 before Hi started, I remember periods of time with just dead air.... for minutes... in the middle of the day! I also remember that crazy Australian sounding lady who was calling her callers stupid in her quiz on the radio - that was comedy gold!

    A DJ in Oman better than Darren? I think Kathy Cole is the best DJ at Hi FM, but mines not a learned decision because I just gave up with the radio months ago.... much prefer mp3.

    Too true, if you're a public figure, like it or not, you gotta roll with the punches!

    Hi breakfast show was good in the beginning... it just never changed and became stale - that fake whooping/cheering sound byte had me reaching for the Play button every time, until I just forgot that my car had a radio function for a while. I was mildly excited when it came on one day by accident, it was like discovering a long forgotten cousin, and then after a while you remember why you forgot it in the first place.

  10. And what happened to Pippa Mittawa? I really miss her stilted and stammering news reading.

  11. Texting in to any show and calling the presenter a twat? Talk about pot calling the kettle black. FFS, grow up!

  12. Nice post MM.

    He's a morning English-language DJ in Muscat. I'm glad its not a job I have to do, truth be told.

    The public gets what the public wants...

  13. To be fair Darren has always said he is not a DJ to me in private. He was brought in to work on the station in a technical position. Problem is the guys in charge no nothing of radio and with no competition they have no real pressure to improve. Wait till May when something new may occur... then it all might change.

    To play a rock show you must have a knowledge of music... judging by the choices so far, no one does... Kathy rocks my boat though.

    keep commenting.. they will read this but will they change?

  14. Granted, they are presenters and are not in control of what they play, but will they please stop with the inane childish playground banter. It isn't funny, it never was.
    Darren needs to get a thicker skin, either that or change jobs

  15. a) for people who hate the radio station or its presenters you are all obviously listening to it alot....
    b) How well do you think you could be at the job...? because obviously you all know how to run a radio station and what music to play...?

    are you jelous? maybe you need to get out a bit more and get a life... and i bet your all perfect at ur jobs and no one has ever had a bad word to say about u... no i didnt think so grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it wasnt here or they didnt do their banter then you would only be moaning about tht aswell. do you know how many people in Muscat and outside of it listen to the radio station..? no didnt think so, you few sad lonly people may hate it but everyone else enjoys the music banter and presenters... maybe your just lacking somthing else in life... have a little think about that... and drive in silence!

    It been going two years so its obviously doing something right... and i bet it will be around alot longer than some of you!!!

    From a Fan of HI Fm

  16. To the latest anonymous poster (the Hi FM fan):

    I cant speak for others who have commented, but:

    I don't hate the radio station, I just dislike it currently. I used to listen to the radio a lot when driving around but then grew tired of the (in my opinion) poor music selection. I most certainly do not drive in silence, as I've said multiple times before, I listen to my own music, and I'm happy to.

    The radio station has indeed been going for 2 years, but that's because it gets a fat cheque each year from the marketing agency that buys all of the radio station's advertising airtime. And it's keeping people employed, and obviously a fair few listeners entertained. Great stuff, it really is.

    Darren seems a likeable chap to be honest, I can see a lot of things I personally have in common with him. But unlike Darren, I don't run a radio station. This particular blog post about him did give me a little problem, worrying I'd upset him, but he's a grown man, he can take it. And lets face it: a) It was a funny story, and b) Darren will be stronger from this as he'll learn how to take criticism a lot better, I hope.

    This was not the first time he's called one of his criticisers who text in to complain about him - and calling them and handling the conversation the way it went (like above) is just not productive or clever really, is it?

    It's a small town and unless someone tells him that people are talking about him, how's he going to know or learn from it?

    And Darren, if you're reading this, please try not to take it personally, because it really is quite a funny story if you can take a step back and look at it. I apologise if I've hurt your feelings, and I promise I don't think your a twat!

  17. well if you dont like the music and listen to your own selection why have you taken the time out of your obviously very busy schedule to write yet again another untrue story...

    maybe you should get a hobbie!!

    As for having alot in commen with him... id disagree, he wouldnt spread absolute crap about other people!

    but i do agree that your pathetic little story would not hurt his feelings...

    Also i do believe that you are truely unhappy in your job, maybe it is jelousy and really you wish u were hosting the breakfast show.. im sure darren would be good enough to let you know when an oppertunity comes up but until then ill guess your'll have to carry on with these little stories... ummm good luck with that!

  18. To be fair, Scythe, calling in or texting in to complain is NOT the same as calling in or texting in to call someone a twat.

    The former is great, if it's constructive, the latter is just plain gratuitous nasty name-calling, the type of thing you'd expect school-kids to engage in.

    Yes, you may have found it funny, but I'm wondering why this person didn't just switch over or switch off....

    Because he's a playground bully perhaps?!

    After Darren called him, why couldn't he tell Darren his name?....Did he give any constructive criticism on the phone to Darren about the show, man to man? (or boy to man?!)...


    Well then, maybe it's because bullies are, generally, spineless cowards, who are unable to function on an adult wavelength...

    Good god, nobody is forced to turn the radio on and listen.

    Now, children - be good and stop the Darren baiting.

    Lots of Love From Minnie Mouse x

  19. Awwww, Don't be so mean! I do however love the idea of attempting to explain the meaning of twat to the local ROP desk guy.

    That said, I think HIfm has been the biggest dissapointment of my adult life. Seriously, my Expectations were so ridiculous there is no way they could have been fulfilled.

    I can totally understand that I am in no way their target demographic; however a girl needs her classic rock. On a good day, I can pickup 103.5 the coast from Fujaira.

  20. I suspect that a HI FM employee has responded, bitterly of course. The reality is that if you compare any of the presenters with even Dubai Radio stations, they lack quality, imagination and ability.

    There is a very definite possibility that there are very limited options in the UK right now, 'cos if they were that good they wouldn't be in little ole Muscat would they?

    Nevertheless the way to improve is to listen to constructive criticism... and change... so surely a start is to dismiss Rachie Roo's riddle of the day, pathetic, boring and tedious to the full.. or is that just me switching between car noise and attempted radio?

    Radio is a service to its listeners, in UK and elsewhere it is led by advertising, mostly. Not here. Appeal to your listeners, play the music they ALL want with specialist shows and a change in the play list from time to time and then you have a start. You may even get some advertising and get more than 3 presenters per day on the station.

    As I said before, wait until May folks, there may be some changes, forced or not, coming soon.

    xx and one more for learned discourse x

  21. Hi Sythe-

    Unrealted- but do you know where information can be got regarding the Muscat International Film FEstival happening this weekend... I can't find anything on line. Thanks a bunch if you know!

    PS: I can't do the Hi FM morning show - the background Austin Powers music is a little to hyper for me on the drive to work!

  22. Exciting stuff!

    A few housekeeping points:

    1. If you want to be Anonymous in your comments, thats totally fine with me, it's why I have anonymous comments enabled, but please do choose your own name, as fred_says, Cap'n Jack and Magwi have done so.

    2. I definitely do not want to be a Radio DJ, especially here! And ESPECIALLY not a breakfast one - Mornings are not my strongest point.

    3. Another untrue story? Really? Which other ones? What evidence do you have that this particular conversation did not happen?

    4. I would love a hobby - suggestions please (Darren baiting is obviously out)!

    5. Bullies are indeed spineless buggers, but the objective of this post was to help Darren grow some thicker skin, not bully him - and I quite frankly do agree - calling/texting in to a radio show to call the host a twat is childish, but it doesn't detract from the fact that it was funny, made so by the return call.

    6. The person that texted in didn't switch over or switch off, because he was re-locating to another GCC country the very next day, and just couldn't "take it" any more. Not saying that validates him, just explains it.

    7. I added a new blog to my blog-roll, go check it out: Everything Everywhere: Around the World Travel Blog

    8. It's a name, Sythe, not a tool, Scythe (even though perhaps you were implying I was a tool! hah!)



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