Rainy days ahead

It appears that we are in for a bit more rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Both the BBC and Accuweather are reporting rains and thunderstorms for the two days. It would seem that the rains will start Saturday night and end Sunday night, so the rains may come in a 24-36 hour window.

I think we've had more rain here the last couple months than we've had in total since Gonu! Or is it just me? And it's warmer this winter than it has been the last 2 winters.... or is that just me too?

So - watch out for puddles, and the inevitable game of chicken that arises every time there's a puddle in the way of on-coming traffic and so they decided to drive in your lane because it would be the end of the world if their car gets dirty!

le fin.
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  1. I thought it was a warm winter too.

    -Omani in US

  2. My soft top is going up and down like a yo-yo :o(
    Have a good trip and give me a call when you get back

  3. Ah...another day of 'bunking off' for most of the country then.......

  4. Apparently its raining in Sohar right now...

  5. Definitely a warm winter. It was dropping down regularly to below 15 at night this time last year. That said, the forecast is cooler for the rest of the week.

    Don't bother with the BBC's 'weather' service. They're about to ditch the Met Office as their supplier because they have such an appalling accuracy record. Gonu was a case in point; they were forecasting sun with light winds 24 hours before, when everyone else had been showing the storm for days. Accuweather is better, as is Wunderground (latter has been predicting Sunday - not Saturday - rain for some days now).

    I don't think it's concern about dirtying the car with the puddles, just fear of the unknown...


  6. Yup it has been a warm winter.. I hope the trend doesn't continue.


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