MIA: The Jet Driver

Last week, I noticed (actually on Thursday the 31st) that the Muscat Jet Driver has closed his blog, making it by invitation only.

Another Oman-based blogger closes up shop? I hope not, but it seems so.

And look at the damage Twitter has done to our local blogs - Muscati, Other Oman, Amjad - are just three simple examples of blogs that have all seen better days.

Thanks for the entertaining blog posts Jet Driver - they always made me smile. Especially the meathead picture, which still cracks me up.

Muscat Jet Driver's pictorial definition of a "meathead"

le fin.
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  1. Well that SUCKS.... :(

    Thats two of my fav bloggers gone in the space of a few months... I see Culture Shocked has also changed to invite only... :(

    Please dont ever leave me... :) LOL

  2. Hi guys, i recently opened a blog but i'm not aware of these damages Twitter is causing, what's that about? And what's the point of making a blog by invitation only?

  3. Gatvol - there are no guarantees in this blogging business ;) But I have no plans to go anywhere any time soon.

    OCI - Welcome to my blog, and congratulations on starting your own blog. People choose to make their blogs invite only usually to either: a) keep their blog private from everyone but who they want to see it or b) to "close" their blog, but retain their address, should they want to reopen it agian in the future.

  4. Ok, cool, thanks. But what about Twitter, how's it damaging blogs....sorry....bit slow after New Year's Eve...:)

  5. People who used to blog a lot, now don't, because they're twittering all the time. Muscati was slowly stopping blogging anyway because of his career, but Other Oman for prime example was a blogger who used to be fairly active, but has since all but ceased blogging in favour of twitter.

    In general though, the english-language omani-blogs have been slow. The undercover dragon has recently started posting regularly again, the fabulous Angry in Oman has not been blogging a lot, Kishor Cariappa has all but stopped blogging. Amjad hasnt been blogging... And in many cases, not all, but many, these ex-bloggers can be found on twitter.

  6. I've been following all of you guys for long time and you all have been the inspiration for me to open a blog. However my blog is only focused on my profession, i.e. public relations and social media and therefore might not be of interest to all.

    I am sure though that more and more people will start blogging. I guess it might be a little frustrating at the beginning as no one reads or comments your blog, but with a little patience and persistance hopeully the Omani blogosphere will become bigger.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. When last we heard from Jet Driver, he was heading out just as what sounded like some personal issues were coming to a head. It may be that he's not at the moment interested in sharing what's on his mind.

    It's a shame, though - he had good dirt and a great take on things local...

  8. Muscato - true... I thought he meant that he was unhappy with Oman, as opposed to his blog... oh well.... as you said, he had good dirt and a great take on things local... ;)


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