WTF is going on with traffic in Gala?

Just a quick one today.

I just sat in traffic for ages in Gala - it took me 75 minutes to travel a distance that normally takes 15 minutes during the day. Why? The Sultan Qaboos Mosque round about (not the highway exit one, but the next one in from there) was completely snarled by idiot drivers that don't understand the concept of not going into a junction (in this case a round about) until it is clear to exit it. Total grid lock. When are they going to put lights in there?!

In other news, lots of Halloween parties went on over the weekend. The wife and I went in disguise (a vampire and a witch!) to the VICE house music event (hosted by BMB Events) that the Dragon featured on his blog recently. The music was good, really good (that is, if you like that sort of thing), but attendance was a little low. It wasn't helped by the fact that there were no signs at all outside Rock Bottoms pointing to the event being held upstairs, we very nearly just gave in and went to the Halloween party at Rock Bottoms, even though I don't like that club, because we were in costume and happened to be right there. I'm sure that some people did end up going to Rocks purely because there was absolutely no indication at all that there was a party being held upstairs. Things to remember for next time I guess. Thanks for the tickets Dragon, and BMB Events!

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  1. where are the pics of the costumes :) ?

  2. party was awesome! i was the crazy kind of joker face with fake blood over my torn white shirt :D

  3. I remember that white shirt :) We had a discussion about what you used as fake blood!

    Oh.... and Happy Halloween everyone... cant beleive i forgot to blog that!


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