Welcome back....

Hello everyone,

Just back to work today after a lovely 2 week vacation in a far away land. Some speculation is going round that I am secretly the Dragon from Muscat Confidential, and that the Dragon is Angry's wife/male partner, depending on who you talk to.


Not a lot to share with you all except that I've heard some talk that the speeding fine is being increased from RO 10 to RO 35, and that the new increased fines came into effect on the 24th of October.

Muscat also beat Doha at the rugby on the weekend, well done guys :)

le fin
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  1. I read in the Observer yesterday that ROP "denied rumors and messages through e-mails and SMS about increase in the traffic offence fines"...


  2. Thanks for clearing that up AZ :)

    Thanks for the welcome back DitD

  3. according to ud you won a pair of tickets to the VICE halloween party.

    you must be cush ;)

  4. That's strange. I heard from a relative at the ROP that it's correct.


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