Al Fair, Beach Party, and other things

First up, something I'm following up on when I first blogged about it here. Al Fair, and the pork products in their pork rooms. Recently I was visiting the CCC branch of Al Fair - and I was at first pleased to see a clear policy regarding fresh pork products stuck onto the wall in the little room for non-muslims.

Here's three pictures covering it all (it was a pretty comprehensive policy I must say).

Great, right? Wrong. Take a look at this piece of meat, it's blue. Why is it so hard for these people to understand that selling rotten meat is not going to do them any favours. I can think of more than a few countries around the world where there would be pretty stiff fines levied against the owners of this shop. Having a policy is all well and great, but you've got to actually follow it, just sticking it on the wall is not good enough!

Moving on now. During Eid, and as I had mentioned in a previous post, the wife and I went for a stroll on Qantab Beach, and just because it's such a nice place, I thought I'd share a picture of it with you all:

And to continue the picture theme, here's one overlooking the fantastic Bandar Kiran links area between Yiti and Seifa.

It's times like these when I'm happy that I live here - people pay big bucks to vacation in places like this, and for us, it's just a short drive on the weekend!

This Thursday, there is a Red Bull hosted party called Sunset Chill Vol. 2 at the Oman Dive Center just down the road from the Shang. It starts at 1 PM and runs until 1 AM Friday morning. For more Info & Reservation Please Call: 95119499, 24824240 - Tickets are RO 10.000 per person and include a free drink.

Muscat RFC are playing the Royal Navy's HMS Kent at the MRFC grounds tomorrow night at 18:30 - so come on down for an evening of rugby and drinking with the Navy lads.

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  1. Rugby and beach party sounds like a great weekend! I had heard about the Beach Party but wasn't 100% sure on details other than price and the attire is supposedly 'white'

    How was the Sunset Chill vol.1 - feedback anyone?

  2. I think Bandar Jissah will be blocked off in about 2 months so the new private housing can start

  3. forget Al totally sucks...I many times got expired stuff from them!
    And the things in so stupidly disarranged...


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