Not a lot going on.

It's summer, and yesterday I was particularly busy in the office so the blog had to take a back seat.

And there's really not much going on anyway.

There is, apparently, a rather large debate going on in the Arabic Omani bloggersphere concerning education scholarships. The topic is being discussed in English here on the Oman Forum. I'll let you read it there if you're interested - I especially found it amusing that Mr Abdullah Abbas (the previous head of Muscat Municipality, and rumoured to of been "creative" with his building permits) had a full scholarship awarded to his son "at his behest". I liked that, no beating about the bush - his kid gets a full scholarship because he asked for one. hahaha. Lovely.

In other news, over on Kishor Cariappa's (now neglected) blog, he witnessed an accident outside the Sheraton, where someone who presumably suffers from traffic-light colour blindness felt the need to run a red and subsequently get T-boned, taking out a traffic light in the process. Nice to see that our journalist is actually blogging again. Stupid Twitter.

The Three Amigo's night at the Rugby Club was a blinder, over 200 people came through the doors and the band were entertaining (it might of had something to do with the bottle of vodka each of them had drunk with a straw!). I was delighted to find out that they were also mostly Canadian. I suggested they come down and play at the Canadian Stampede, because the last Canadian Stampede here at the PDO rec centre was a thinly-disguised excuse for a bunch of non-Canadians to get together and have a party. Which is great and all, but reportedly actual Cannucks were a tad thin on the ground (report by Angry In Oman). And apparently very little Canadian music was played either, even by the imported DJ. Seemed a bit pointless if you ask me.

Did anyone see any of the metorites? I'm told that there were a few to see.

Essdar Capital have succeeded in buying some of the bonds on Blue City, but it is not clear how many. More on that as it happens. Maybe.

le fin
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  1. Small correction: Abass's son was awarded a partial scholarship, not a full one. The written justification was his father's "continuous insistance" not his "behest".

  2. if Kishor was shocked by this - what about this ....

  3. Anon - Thanks for the correction, but it still is amusing... keep bugging the MoHE and apparently you can get a scholarship just through persistent asking!

    ynotoman - AND ANYONE ELSE CLICKING THAT LINK - There are some pretty horrific scenes, including dead people. Presumably the Gas truck was making a Left Turn and the white car was speeding and over-taking and just got munched by the turning gas truck. I hope it was quick for the poor souls in the car.


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