Just a few thoughts

Not a lot to talk about today, so a few thoughts to share:

1. Oman Air

So when do these new planes actually arrive? Currently the "new" planes being operated to Heathrow and back are on wet lease from Jet Airways (for reportedly about $2 million per plane per month). Apparently Jet Airways are in talks with Oman Air to make these "dry" lease deals, which should drop the monthly cost to about $1 million, but then Oman Air have to provide more stuff, like staff. Presumably.

There's been discussion of new destinations, and I believe that Oman Air will be flying to: Paris, Franfurt, Colombo and The Maldives. Nice, flying to Paris will mean it'll be much easier to get to the villa in the South for France.

2. The Wave

As no doubt other bloggers will discuss in the coming days, apparently there are some whole-sale changes underway at the management of The Wave. Officially, Nick Smith (former CEO) has "retired".

3. H1N1

So it seems more and more people are getting this. Nadia @ Dhofari Gucci has blogged that there have been some deaths down in Salalah, and many more in intensive care. Scary business. Make sure you keep washing your hands through out your day! I do have to wonder about the seriousness of the situation in Saudi this year with people on Hajj.

Busy day again today... be sure to add any information via a comment to my Cost of Living post!

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  1. Muscat Confi says Nick has resigned...

    you got really nice blog here...

  2. Resigned is the correct phraseology. Sorry I wrote this blog this morning BC (Before Coffee).

  3. great blog ! lovin it !

  4. Sythe

    Its a great bog... Stay the course!

    But... Nick Smith. Why?

  5. Regarding Oman Air, the first new plane is on the ramp in Toulouse doing testing, it should be delivered somewhere in September I believe .


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